The Food Forest

Open Day - Permaculture 'Walk and Talk'


Date: Sunday April 14th, 2024

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  • Please note that no tickets will be available at the gate
  • Places are limited, bookings are via Humanitix and close Fri 12th April or earlier if booked out
  • There is no refund available for this event but your booking can be tranferred to another person
  • No pets

Morning: Permaculture Walk & Talk  
10am sharp – 1pm. Booking is required!

Please arrive at 9.45am for registration, as this is a sequential, guided program that starts at 10am.

Bookings via Humanitix. Cost: $22 (+ Booking Fee) adults, children under 10 free.

Afternoon: Permaculture Walk & Talk
2pm sharp - 5pm. Booking is essential!

Please arrive at 1.45pm for registration, as this is a sequential guided program, starting at 2pm.

Bookings via Humanitix. Cost: $22 (+ Booking Fee) adults, children under 10 free.

These tours (morning and afternoon tours are the same) will show you ideas and techniques that can be applied in both urban and rural settings.

The talk will start with a brief introduction to Permaculture, the design system for sustainable living. We will then take you on a walk inspecting the numerous vegetable gardens (including small scale wicking beds) and poultry.

We'll visit our revegetation & aquifer recharge work along the Gawler River and look at the passive solar, energy efficient buildings, including strawbale construction, solar hot water and photovoltaic systems, rainwater catchment, composting toilet and reedbed systems. We then move on to the sanctuary where native vegetation, geese and sheep add to the diversity amongst the production orchards. We will show you and discuss the growing of many of our fruit and nut species such as figs, pomegranates, pears, carobs, pistachios & grapes, and explain the benefits of the integration of chickens, geese & mini sheep in the orchards.

Please note that while we welcome children to come along, this tour is aimed at adults.

Sales of trees (figs, pomegranates & vines), wine & pistachio nuts will be available at the conclusion of the tour.